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Régis Penet was born in 1970 in Dieulefit, in the Drôme department, where he now lives and works again.

It was his grand-father, a wood sculptor and plastic arts teacher, who taught him to love drawing and guided his first steps.

Very early, he started considering comic strip as a career. It was, in his opinion, the modern media the most adapted to classical drawing.

His first album was published by the Soleil Editions, in 1999. Many more followed, including the “Marie des Loups” trilogy and “Les nuits écorchées” published by Daniel Maghen.

He perfected his technique and style and developped his interest for screenplay, and then adapted the master piece of Alfred de Musset “Lorenzaccio” (edition 12bis), which constituted an achievement to him. That adaptation allowed him to go back to painting, mostly with oil on cardboard or entoilé paper, and to work on the loneliness of the human being, through its abasement and power.

Régis Penet alternately uses pictures, sketches drawn on the spot or simply from memory. He uses a restricted number of models that he really knows to draw figures, isolated on their support. What makes them so forceful is the fact that he knows how to convey their profound personality.

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