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Paolo Grella

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Paolo Grella


Paolo Grella is born on July, the 13th 1980 in Germany, he lives and works in Roma.

 Having obtained his orthodontist diploma, he enlisted to the International Comic strip school in Roma, where he took drawing lessons for three years. At the end of those three years, he took an internship at the animation institute in Cuba.

 In 2005, he met Marya Smirnoff who gave him the opportunity to have his first experience as a comic strip author: Le Manuscrit interdit, next to one of the greatest Italians script writer: Roberto Dal Pra’.

 In 2011, it’s with Frank Giroud that he began the drawing of a new saga, Galkiddek, counting three chapters.

Paolo is a born colorist! And, with incredible talent, he mixes inks and pastel colours on originals, saving the oil for canvas, cardboard and many other supports.

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