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Jaime Calderon

Jaime Calderon


Jaime Calderon is born in Bercelona in 1973, Jaime Calderon started his artistic formation with two prestigious illustrators, one in advertising, Enric Paixà and the other in the comics business, Lopez Espi.

From1994 à 2004, he does different advertising illustrations and works, as the same time, as a director and teacher at the Comics and Illustrations FEM art school of Bercelona that he created in 2000.  


From 2004 à 2011, he works mainly as in Comics with great editors :  

Alpha-Omega Comics for the famous Spirit collection, for the Soleil publishing house, and more recently for the publishing house Delcourt side by side with Thierry Gloris for the making of two parts on Isabelle of France nicknamed "The France’s wolf"


In 2009, he received the price of the Medieval comics festival of Saint Ennemie.


His graphic style ressembles the one of the famous American illustrator, Harold Foster.

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