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France Richemond

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France Richemond

France Richemond is a Parisian, but she grew up on the Azur Coast. At 16, she gives up on her studies, takes up photography, journalism and watercolor...Before resuming her studies with passion. During her history master, France is dreaming of dealing with the mythical Joan of Arc, but, in the end, she studies a medieval religious furniture while joining the School of the Louvres.
Having then joined the circle of museums, she started writing a thesis on a private collection, but then,  Nicolas Jarry offered her to collaborate and write together an Historical-fantasy novel... To hell with the thesis! It will give birth to « Sphinx », followed by « Sea People ». Then, the collaborated on a first Comic scenario: « The Rose et The Cross».

Intellectually fulfilled, she then started missing the handicraft aspect. She then decided to start working on ceramic, model making, then discovered stone and its direct carving. Calcite, grès, marble, serpentine, steatite, soapstone... precious colors with contrasted vena that appear little by little under the scissors... Earthly materials that tell the story of the World and reveal its origins! It’s impossible to resist the mineral attraction...

And while she’s fulfilling her dream of painting  the story of Joan of Arc in a new light in the “ Clay throne”, France cuts little by little, dealing with this powerful and beautiful material from which she highlights the luminescence, the transparency, the lights and shadows... But also the curves, the absolute purity of a line, the harmony of a movement, the beauty of forms...

When writing or sculpting is like breathing.  Necessary, only necessary...

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